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A High Priestess is a person who embodies the Goddess. The high priestess has long held importance and symbolism amongst Witches. It can take a witch years of study and work to earn the “rank” of High Priestess. The High Priestess is also a symbol of guidance, knowledge, and power. The symbol and motifs of the high priestess can be seen on everything from tarot cards to jewelry. The Crown of the High Priestess is worn by a person possessing the divine feminine during special ceremonies and rituals. This crown is often in the shape of the moon, representing the powerful blessings from the Goddess and Her lunar cycles.

Who is the High Priestess?

The High Priestess is a witch and/or a priestess, who has dedicated her entire life to the craft. She has studied, practiced, and incorporated witchcraft into her daily life. She leads others, usually in a Coven. The high priestess holds an important role in her community, which involves following the traditions of said coven. She teaches and trains this group, as she directs energy, power and balance during rituals and ceremonies. The High Priestess serves as a representation of the Goddess here on Earth.

The High Priestess Crown

The high priestess crown can be worn for a variety of purposes. For women, wearing the crown may serve as a symbol of their leadership role. It can also be worn as part of rituals, ceremonies, and worship practices. When worn during ceremonies, the High Priestess crown acts as a symbol of authority and devotion. It can also be worn to strengthen the connection to a specific deity or spiritual entity.

There are different types of High Priestess crowns, each containing unique elements. When choosing a crown, the wearer should consider the specific symbols and elements, as well as the significance that these elements hold. Wearing a High Priestess crown is significant and should be viewed as a great honor. High Priestess crowns can be worn for both artistic expressions, as well as empowerment and symbolism. These feelings of empowerment can offer strengthened identification with certain symbols and archetypes associated with the high priestess.

At Pentagram, we offer a range of Priestess crowns adorned with moons, pentagrams, and other symbols. Shop our selection online today to harness the symbolism and power of the high priestess.

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Priestess Crowns

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