Solomonic 4th Pentacle of the Moon

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The fourth pentacle of the Moon protects the wearer from any physical injury and from any psychological and mental problem. The angel Sophiel that is engraved inside is the one who gives the knowledge related to the virtues of herbs and crystals. The one who will wear this Pentacle will receive the Wisdom of the Angel Sophiel. The pentacle presents an arm that indicates the names of God: Y-H-W-H, Asher, Y-H-W-H, and the names of the angels Yhhel and Sophiel. Around it is engraved with great care the verse that reads:Confuse those who persecute me and not me, frighten them and not me. The pentacle is supplied with its cord and has been exclusively redesigned completely and created by hand, scrupulously observing that each Hebrew letter corresponds to the original verse of Solomon's key.

  • Handmade item
  • Pendant height: 40 Millimeters; Pendant width: 40 Millimeters
  • Materials: Stainless steel
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