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Athames, also known as the witch’s blade, are among the most important magical tools in witchcraft. Witches and occultists often place an athame knife on an altar, as it is actively used throughout magical rituals and practices.

Athames come in all shapes and sizes, with one element in common, they all possess a double-edged blade. At Pentagram Shoppe, our selection of athames include unique bone, horn, and wooden handled knives at a variety of price points. It is essential that a person chooses an athame that they feel intuitively drawn towards, because it is used actively throughout witchcraft rituals.

Athame Knives In Ritual

Athame knives are used during rituals for ceremonial casting. It is a symbol of a witch’s will. A powerful tool for drawing the sacred circle before and after the ritual, as well as invoking and banishing the pentagram. The sacred circle, or the circle of protection, is cast before and after the ritual. The magical practitioner casts the ritual circle by walking clockwise with the athame pointing towards the earth, visualization and energy are used to cast a circle of protection that will later be used in the ritual.

As mentioned earlier, athames can also be used to invoke and banish the pentagram. Herein lies the importance of the athames double edged blade, the double-edged blade allows for smooth circle casting, without having the need to flip the knife as the circle is cast.

Consecrating items is another function of athames. Use it to consecrate items that will be used as part of a ritual. For example, incense and water can both be purified for use on an altar.

Athame blades are designed specifically for directing magical energy. Herbalist will use their athames knife for harvesting herbs. It is not recommended that the athame is used for any cutting of flesh or harm.

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