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Divination Tools

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Divinatory tools are magickal tools used to help one connect with their higher self, spirit guides, and higher astral planes. There are several types of tools used for divination. Ultimately, the tool you choose is based entirely on personal preference and what resonates best with you.

Divining tools can include tarot cards, oracle cards, automatic writing instruments, crystal balls, pendulum boards, palmistry, astrology, and much more!

How to Choose a Divinatory Tool

Divination tools should be thought of as an instrument that can be used to facilitate the conversation between you and the universe. This is a part of the subconscious mind and a person’s spirit guides. Before selecting a divinatory tool, it's important for a person to feel connected to their psychic gifts. Meditation and study will open a person’s intuition. It is through this knowledge that a person should be able to discover what tools work best with their psychic gifts. Once the right divinatory tool is chosen, this will open a person to receiving messages and guidance from the world of spirit.

Using Divinatory Tools in Practice

The beauty of these Magickal tools is that there is no right or wrong way to use them, per se. However, there are approaches that you should use to make the most out of these powerful tools! Regardless of the tool you choose, it’s important to connect with your intentions and channel them as a guide for your decisions.

When working with cards, this tip is especially important. Select cards based on what you feel most drawn towards. Use your intuition and visualize each card being cleared of all past energy so that you can select and pull the most accurate cards. When analyzing cards, a combination of reading and analyzing the cards is best for connecting with your intuition and feeling the messages that are intended for you.

At Pentagram, we offer a wide range of cards and divinatory tools. Shop our selection online today or visit us in-store!

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