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Figure Candles

Shop Our Selection of Figure Candles For Sympathetic Magic

Figure or image candles are designed to call upon sympathetic magick. Available in a variety of shapes that resemble people, objects, or animals and different colors. Each figure candle is designed to serve a different purpose.

At Pentagram Shoppe, we offer a diverse selection of figure candles to target a person’s deepest desires.

Figure Candle Shapes

Each figure candle is intentionally shaped to focus attention and allow a person to harness the power of visualization by concentrating on the image of the candle. Figure candles of people are commonly carved to include names, dates, and other important information to help the user bond with the intended target.

Figure candles that are molded into the shape of genitalia are typically used as potent aids to enhance or control sexual desires. They can also be used to attract a new sexual partner, enhance fertility, and arouse passion.

Naked female and male figurines are meant to resemble a specific person. When working with human figure candles, color, and carving of the name of the are important.

Figure Candle Colors

The color of figure candles is essential to directing magick. It largely impacts effect and power of a spell. While black figure candles are known to bind negativity, pink candles are excellent at encouraging friendship and love. Red candles ignite power, protection, and passion. Green candles are believed to bring forth abundance, making them ideal for attracting luxury and loving connections. Blue candles are known to aid people in getting attention for career advancement and opportunity. Yellow candles are fantastic for luck and healing magick! Using the power of fire to manifest self-improvement.

When choosing a figure candle, it’s important to consider both the shape and color that best suits your desired outcome. Browse our selection online today or visit us in-store to learn more!

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