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Altar Pentacles

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Build an altar with all the essential components needed for magical workings, rituals, and ceremonies. From sator squares to pentacles and planetary seals, each serves its own unique purpose. Explore our selection of altar pentacles today to set up an own at-home altar or shrine.

The Sator Square

The sator square, also known as the sator-rotas square, dates to medieval times. As the most well-known magical square, the sator square includes 25 letters and five words, including sator, arepo, tenant, opera, and rotas. Popularly used as an amulet for protection. The sator square can be found on both buildings and objects across Europe.

Although there are many translations of the sator square, it can be roughly translated to “the sower holds the wheels with care.” In the magical realm, the sator square acts as a metaphor. Placed on an altar, it’s designed to provide protection during magical working by confusing the devil with its repetition of Latin palindroms.

Planetary Seals

Planetary seals are amulets inscribed with sigils that correspond to the seven wandering stars, the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Incorporated in your altar, planetary seals can be called upon for help when practicing rituals and spell work.

Each planetary seal possesses different powers. For example, the planetary seal of mars is said to hold together friendships/relationships in the face of challenges. Harness the power of astrology by incorporating planetary seals in your altar and magical practices.

Altar Pentacles

Altar pentacles are amulets that features the five-pointed pentagram star. Their function lies in their ability to help one connect with the elements and heavenly powers. Pentacles are a powerful force for protection against evil, making them a great addition to any altar.

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