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About Pentagram Shoppe

They say magick, love, and friendship connect us.  Through these connections, we are bound through time, and even building a shop during a pandemic!

Pentagram was created by Leanne Marrama and Timothy Reagan with their love for the Craft, the Old Gods, and esoteric knowledge.  Tim and Leanne are two of Salem’s most sought after psychics and Witches. They have been practicing Witchcraft and the psychic arts for more than two decades.     

Timothy Reagan and Leanne Marrama are both Witches, united by friendship and magickal traditions.  When Leanne and Tim first met, they walked different magickal paths; but through working together a close friendship was born.  Over time, they both learned from each other.  Ten years later, their magickal paths have merged and transformed.  You can usually find them together discussing their next ritual, cruise to a tropical port, or what to have for lunch.

When visiting Pentagram, be sure to talk to Tim, who is a traditionalist Witch High Priest and Occultist.  He has lived in Salem most of his life, and is quite knowledgeable about both local history and the best restaurants in town! Tim enjoys teaching and talking about Witchcraft, Astrology, continuing to develop his Palmistry skills,  magick, and cats (he’s a crazy cat guy…with five lovely babies at home)!  He loves making difficult to understand ideas and techniques accessible to all.  Laughter, wit, and wine, cats, and of course magick, are the things that bring joy to his life.

No visit to Pentagram would be complete without a chat with Leanne.  She is also a traditionalist Witch High Priestess and cunning woman.  She grew up in an Italian home where folk magick (the cunning arts) was alive and used daily.  She has co-authored three books with her friend and fellow Priestess Sandra Mariah Wright. Reading the Leaves, a book on the history and practice of tea leaf reading. Lighting the Wick, a book for all of your candle magick spells. Awakening the Crystals, a book that guides you in your magick with the help of crystals. Leanne loves talking and teaching new friends about the Old Gods, herbal magick, divination, and cooking! She is the “dog” to Tim’s “cat,” and is mom to her beloved Blue Heeler, Sadie. 

Stop by Pentagram while you are visiting Salem.  Tim, Leanne, and our expert staff are waiting to help make your stay more magickal.



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