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In this demanding world, it’s imperative to create sacred spaces in our homes. These hallowed places will become a place of peace and intention. This is here we can experience moments of magick and reverence. This can be constructed by an environment that’s centered to nurture our body, mind, and spirit. While this space may look different for everyone, what is most important is that it’s a place of privacy, where one can feel safe to connect with themself and the world around them. This will help an individual to create magick.

What is an Altar?

An altar is a table or structure that is used for place of adoration and prayer. Witches, Occultist, Priestesses and Priests of the craft, will conduct rituals and ceremonies at altar with devotion and love. A proper altar will help facilitate a connection to the Gods. The energies so that it can flow through and around altars are powerful and inspiring. An altar is set up with a variety of tools that should be intentionally chosen by the individual who intends to use the altar.

Altar Tools

While every altar will look different, there are a variety of tools and supplies that will empower the magickal practitioner.

Altar Pentacles: are used to aid one in connecting with the elements, their powers, and providing protection against evil. An altar Pentacle is used to evoke and contain ritual power and magick. A pentacle can be made of cloth or metal.

Athame: Athames are magickal tools that represents power and will. Frequently is it a black-handled, double-edged dagger. It is used to direct energy and build sacred force.

Candles and candle holders: Candles serve as a representation of the element of fire. Candles are often burned as offerings to the gods and an important tool for spell casting. Candles help harness invisible vitality, creating change and giving strength to magick. The color of a candle is especially important.


Yellow – Luck or Happiness

Light Purple – Intuition

Red – Strength, Protection or Sex

Orange – Communication or Legal Issues

Blue – Employment and Promotion

Green – Love and Luxury

Black – Binding and Bounderies

Candle Holder: A cautious and conscientious witch will want to use candle holders for catching the wax that drips from your candle and prevent fire hazard.

Cauldrons : Cauldrons are symbols of transformation and inspiration. Often used to brew liquid potions and contain ritual fire, a cauldron is associated with both elements of water and fire.

Chalices: Chalices are a beautiful symbol of the womb of the Goddess. It is a representation of fecundity and plenty. It is used on an altar to contain ritual wine or offerings to the Divine Goddess.

Censers and incense burners: Censers and incense burners safely contain incense used in rituals. They are used to contain and burn incenses that heighten spiritual experiences and connections. Incense is often used as an offering to deity and to alter states of consciousness.

Lamens and sigils: Lamens and sigils are talismans that are worn during magickal ceremonies. These magickal pendants are symbols that occultists use to focus their energy and power.

Mortar and pestles: Mortar and pestles are used for grinding herbs and resins to create incense and magickal powders. When grinding herbs for magick, it is important to focus energy on manifesting communication with the gods and manifesting true will.

Statues: Statues are used to help deepen a person’s connection with the Goddess and God. It helps the witch celebrate and worship deity. Statues aid in building working relationships between humans and the divine.

Wands Wands are an important and powerful tool in witchcraft and ceremonial magick. They are used during rituals to invoke and summon the Gods and Spirit.

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