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Witches cauldrons have been a symbol of witchcraft and magic for centuries. They are an essential tool for any witch or practitioner of magic. Traditionally, witches' cauldrons were used to brew potions and cast spells. However, today they are more commonly used to hold burning embers, candles, or as a decorative piece on your altar.

At Pentagram, our online witchcraft and magick shoppe offers a wide selection of witch cauldrons in a variety of sizes and materials. Whether you are looking for a small cauldron to add to your collection or a large cauldron to use in your spells and rituals, you are sure to find the perfect cauldron in our selection.

Types of Witches Cauldrons

Iron Cauldrons

Iron cauldrons are the most iconic type of witches cauldron. They are the cauldron that is most commonly associated with the image of a witch. Traditionally, witches were said to fly on broomsticks and have a familiar, such as a cat, and to brew their potions in an iron cauldron. This image was popularized by William Shakespeare in his play Macbeth, in which the three witches are depicted with a cauldron.

It is said that iron cauldrons should only be used by experienced witches, as they are believed to be inhabited by spirits. For this reason, iron cauldrons are also said to be the most powerful cauldron for casting spells.

Copper Cauldrons

Copper cauldrons are another popular option for witches. They are believed to be a more affordable and less powerful alternative to iron cauldrons. Copper cauldrons are also believed to be inhabited by spirits, making them a powerful tool for casting spells.

Copper is a great conductor of heat, making it the perfect cauldron to use for cooking. In addition to being used for casting spells, copper cauldrons are also a great decorative piece to add to your altar.

Clay Cauldrons

Clay cauldrons are the most affordable option for beginner witches. They are a great option for practitioners who are not ready to make a large investment in their cauldron. Clay cauldrons are also a great option for practitioners who are looking for a cauldron that they can use to cook with. They are a lightweight and affordable alternative to copper cauldrons.

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