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An Astrological Judgement, Touching Theft

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This is a carefully retyped reproduction of the 1665 astrological text of 'Anthony Griffin', annotated by Deborah Houlding. Five extra appendices are included, which set out the context of the text and offer extra historical examples to illustrate its theme.
This edition gives a faithful representation of Griffin’s content whilst incorporating amendments that allow the text to continue to serve as an instructional treatise for modern astrologers. Spellings have been updated, capitalisation and grammar have been made consistent with modern standards, the contents index has been moved from the back to the start of the book, and the superfluous use of the word ‘that’ has been avoided where its removal leaves no impact upon the text meaning (e.g., the phrase “If that the Moon doth behold her own house,” is rendered “If the Moon beholds her own house”).
The original 85-page text is very loosely formatted, with most sentences treated as a new paragraph. In this edition, the paragraph structure has been amended where it makes sense to keep related points together. For the purpose of easy cross reference, the page numbers of the 1665 text are marked throughout. Modern style chart images have been included alongside the original images, and annotations have also been added to clarify the use of archaic terms.

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