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Catherine de Medici Talisman

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This magical talisman is believed to have belonged to the infamous Catherine de Medici. Born to one of the most powerful Florentine aristocratic families in the 15th century who would go on to rule France alongside her husband King Henry II until his death upon which she would continue to rule as Queen Regent, and was symbol of continuity for the French people. She continued to consolidate her power. Catherine was known for her fascination with the occult, including astrology, alchemy and ritual magic. She was also rumored to have been a witch in her own right with a fascination for poisons and antidotes. Based on the inscriptions on this talisman including various spirits associated with the planetary influence of Venus and Jupiter this talisman would have been used to draw love, adoration and power. While her marriage was a political one, it is no doubt that she held the attention of her subjects and the aristocracy. This talisman is marked with symbols from the zodiac. Many of the images are derived from The Picatrix, a famous grimoire. One side of the talisman depicts and androgynous figure with the head of a bird holding an arrow and a mirror with the name Anael, associated with love, passion and sexuality, next to it. 

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