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The Eleusinian Mysteries & Rites

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"Brother Wright, a Masonic scholar of Oxford, England, conferred a boon on the Fraternity and occult students in general when he wrote this valuable study of the Grecian mysteries. He says that the Eleusinian mysteries, dating back to the seventh century before the Christian era, bear 'a very striking resemblance in many points to the rituals of both Operative and Speculative Freemasonry.' This brochure contains the ripest scholarship on the subject of Eleusis, its rites, symbols and legends, that we know of. Rev. J. Fort Newton, Past Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, contributes the introduction." -The New Age Magazine

"We notice a few of its outstanding features. It is rendering an excellent service in reviving an interest in the older mystics and mysticisms." -The Methodist Review

"Many writers, and especially those of the Craft, have called attention to the resemblances between the rites of the Ancient Mysteries and those of Freemasonry. Indeed, those resemblances have given rise to much speculation, and it has been suggested by more than one writer that such resemblances are more than accidental Some of us have long been convinced that Freemasonry, if we may not say that it was historically descended from the instituted Mysteries of antiquity, it at least perpetuates their ministry among us....The Eleusinian Mysteries - those rites of ancient Greece and afterwards of Rome, of which there is historical evidence dating back to the seventh century before the Christian era bear very striking resemblance, in many points, to the rituals of both Operative and Speculative Freemasonry- As to their origin, beyond the legendary account put forth, there is no reliable trace. Like most great human institutions they grew out of a real human need, to which they ministered, else they could not have held sway for so many ages....In the opinion of not a few writers an Egyptian source is attributed to them, but of this there is no positive proof though we may infer as much, remembering the influence of Egypt upon Greece. There is a legend that St. John the Evangelist a character honored and revered by Freemasons was an initiate of these mysteries. Certainly, more than one of the early Fathers of the Christian Church boasted of his initiation into these Rites. Even St. Paul was influenced by them, to the extent, at least, of using some of their imagery, and even some of their technical terms, in his Epistles....The series of articles, to which I have the honor thus to call attention, is one of the first attempts so far made to give a detailed exposition of the ceremonial of the Mysteries of Greece in English. As such they have an interest to Masons, but also to students of antiquity in general, and if the field were familiar, as it is not, these articles would be worthy of special interest for the new materials brought forward- Brother Wright, I need hardly say, is a careful, painstaking, and thorough student, as readers of THE BUILDER can testify, and among his many services to the Craft this study will not be reckoned the least." -The Builder Magazine

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