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Picatrix Venus Talisman with Grand Planetary Seal of Venus in Silver

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Exclusive to Pentagram in Salem! 

This Piece is handmade by a talented Magician and metal smith. 

Astrological talisman bearing an image and magical symbols associated with the planet Venus. Used to make the wearer well-liked.

This talismanic image of Venus is derived from the Picatrix, a Renaisance-era grimoire translated from it's orginal Arabic, first to Spanish, then to Latin, and now to English: "...the shape of a woman with a human body but with the head of a bird and the feet of an eagle, holding an apple in her right hand and a wooden comb similar to a tablet in her left, which has these figures written upon in [the Greek letters OLOIOL]. Whoever carries this image will be well received and esteemed by all." (Picatrix Bk 2, Chapter 10, Paragraph 55, translated by Attrell and Porecca)

The back of the talisman bears the Grand Planetary Seal of Venus and the Characters of Venus according to Agrippa.

These talismans are not consecrated or cast according to astrological timing. They are empty vessels waiting to be filled and awakened by the consecration rites which you will perform in your home or temple, according to your traditions and and with the aid of your familiar spirits.

* One inch (27mm) in diameter, 3mm thick, with bail suitable for a 2-3mm chain.
* Made of .925 solid sterling silver.

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