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Aries: Let your Sun Sign Show you the way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

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You take no prisoners, Aries. Forthright, energetic and creative, you have an unrivaled lust for life. But your impulsive, outspoken nature can put you in some tight spots...

Discover what the stars reveal about you, your personality, your gifts and challenges in beautiful hardback guide. Bestselling, highly regarded astrologers, Marion Williamson and Pam Carruthers, explain what your Sun and Moon signs say about you, as well as who you get along with in relationships and at work.

• Love and relationships
• Travel and favorite places
• Colleague compatibility and work ethic
• Birthday breakdown
• Understanding your whole birthchart

Presented in a beautiful gift edition with silver-embossing and gilded page-edges, this guide will reveal what you should be doing to live at your highest potential. With insight into what your day of birth means for your personality as well as ideas to meditate on to bring further spiritual development, this is your one-stop guide to all things Aries.

ABOUT THE SERIES:Arcturus Astrology Library brings together beautiful, silver embossed hardback editions which allows readers to deep dive into what their Sun sign and birthchart says about them. Including sections on personality insights, love compatibilities, best career and travel choices, moon signs, as well as analysis for exact dates of birth and the meanings of other planets in a birthchart, this is a far-ranging look at what the stars mean for us on Earth.

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