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Belladonna Ointment: Belladonna

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A classical witch’s flying ointment made from the leaves of Atropa belladonna. Belladonna or deadly nightshade is a quintessential witch’s herb. It is said to be the devil’s favorite plant. Its berries used in hexes and love spells. The visionary juice of the plant made it one of the choice herbs for the witches’ flying ointment. This salve would have been applied prior to ritual to journey to the witches’ sabbath, the other world or deep within one’s own psyche. Belladonna is an herb of the underworld. It helps connect us to the energies of death, sex and rebirth. Atropa belladonna is a powerful plant and spirit ally.

Apply to the temples, soles of feet, chest, or underarms prior to ritual. This is a powerful formula to use 1-2 hours prior to invocation and spirit summoning. Use belladonna to connect with spirits associated with witchcraft.

30 ml

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