Heptameron of Magical Elements of Peter de Abano Philosopher

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Within these pages are contained the work of Peter de Abano, Philosopher- not merely a grimoire, this work, along with the Red Dragon and Grimoire of Honorius, stands as a testament to Renaissance-Era high magic. The work arranges the cycle of angelic powers into hours and days, assigning various powers and meanings to the same. The nature of these angelic forces may be conflated with modern works which assign, for example, the figure of Samael to one of pure evil- some of the names given appear in no other contemporary literature. This edition has removed the old english, antiquated language of so may others, retaining it only within the invocations and prayers given, for the sake of continuity. The near-obsessive tabulation of days and hours for the sake of ritual work herein is one of its most remarkable features, combined with seasons, directions of wind, and other facets, ensuring the reader, whether antiquated or modern, will enjoy the full effects of such rites and workings.

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