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Hexagram with Amethyst Pendant in Sterling Silver

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The Hexagram is often taken as a symbol of unit, the union of male and female as represented by the two triangles used to draw the Star of David. The upward pointing triangle represents the male aspect whilst the downward triangle represents the female. The two triangles also represent the concept of As Above So Below, with consciousness ascending towards Godhead through one triangle and descending to the material and mundane through the other.

The Hexagram can also be used to represent the four classical elements, in the form of the elemental triangles, as can the seven classical planets. When broken down into it’s two constituent triangles the elements of Fire, the upward triangle, and Water, the downward triangle, become apparent. When laid over each other than the element of Earth (downward triangle with line) and Air (upward triangle with line) appear within the Hexagram. The Planets and western Zodiac can be overlayed onto to the hexagram as illustrated below and is particularly used by the Golden Dawn as an entry to working with planetary energies;

  • Made of solid sterling silver with 925 hallmark stamp
  • Measures 3/4 inches (1.9 cm) in diameter, not including the bale
  • Accommodates a chain up to 3 mm in width

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