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Horary Astrology: The Art of Astrological Divination

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Horary astrology is the art of astrological divination. A question is posed; the astrologer erects a chart for the moment of the question, and then makes a judgement as to the likely outcome of the matter enquired about. Each horary case is a unique challenge. When a question is put in good faith, and the chart conforms to certain conditions, the answer to the question is locked up in the chart somewhere. In this classic manual Derek Appleby describes the philosophy of horary interpretation, the basic techniques, the traditional ways in which questions are resolved, and the interpretative approaches that are peculiar to this ancient branch of astrology. “It should be recorded that the horary revival in the UK was in very significant measure directly inspired by Derek Appleby, who originally taught himself astrology, and along with it horary. Derek Appleby turned on a small group of us at the Astrological Lodge in the early 1970s. We knew of horary through several of the modern authorities, yet the subject seemed to slumber. I now know that I couldn’t properly ‘see’ horary. Like others, I was amazed when Derek Appleby demonstrated the capacity to bring horoscopes alive and make the symbols dance with radicality...”
(from The Moment of Astrology, by Geoffrey Cornelius, Penguin Arkana, 1994, pgs. 367-8)

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