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The Sorcery of Solomon: A Guide to the 44 Planetary Pentacles of the Magician King

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“An excellent body of practice for those wishing to explore the vast depths of the magic of the Solomonic pentacles.” —David Rankine, author of The Grimoire Encyclopaedia
The Key of Solomon is a family of closely related historic grimoires legendarily attributed to Solomon, the biblical Magician King. Most famously, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers’s 1889 English edition presented forty-four Hebrew seals, commonly called the “planetary pentacles.” However, it offered very little guidance for how to work with them. Sara L. Mastros, a leading teacher and practitioner of magic, translates and interprets each of these pentacles and presents practical methods for working with their magical powers, creating a clear, accessible user’s guide.
“Sara Mastros has provided a deep dive into the forty-four pentacles as codified by Mathers. Drawing on a wide variety of sources and her own experiences, she includes many easy-to-follow exercises for exploring them.” —Joseph Peterson, author of The Secrets of Solomon
In The Sorcery of Solomon, Mastros places The Key of Solomon in a historical and folkloric context, presenting a complete, fresh translation of the forty-four pentacles, all of which have been newly illustrated. She guides the reader through the process of working with Solomonic pentacles and more. Primarily intended for intermediate-level magicians who already have a basic knowledge of spellcraft, The Sorcery of Solomon is also appropriate for beginners who are willing to do a bit of extra “homework.”
“Sara Mastros manages to illuminate the past history of the pentacles while shining a light forward into the future with clear and thoughtful instruction. Not only does she fully explain the design of each pentacle, correcting many errors along the way, but she shares advice and insight gained from her own work. The Sorcery of Solomon delivers what it promises: a fully workable system of magic.” —Jason Miller, author of Protection and Reversal Magic

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