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The Ultimate Guide to an Amazing Zodiac Sign in Astrology: Pisces

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If you want to learn about the Pisces zodiac sign, then keep reading...

Pisces is an amazing sign in the zodiac and is misunderstood by many.

That could be due to a general lack of knowledge about astrology, but it's probably because Pisces is not that easy to pin down.

Just when you think you've got a bead on the slippery fish, they swim away, and you're no wiser!

In this comprehensive book, you'll meet Pisces, both through explanations of the astrological influences which may be at play and through classical traits and characteristics which most people have an inkling of - but don't completely grasp.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • Who Pisces is.
  • What kind of world Pisceans live in at work, at play, and in the home.
  • Where their talents are best put to use, well beyond traditional ideas about what kind of work Pisces are best suited for.
  • What to remember if you're raising a Pisces child.
  • What Pisces needs in a romantic relationship.
  • Who Pisces fall in love with, for better or worse.
  • Who Pisces love to hang out with, work with, and form deep, enduring friendships with.
  • You'll discover the technical side of astrology, with in-depth discussions about decanates /decans, how the moon affects the sign, planetary influences, rising signs, and Houses.
  • The question "What does Pisces need?" will be answered.
  • You'll also read about the sexed nature of astrological signs and why it may be time to move on from ideas about masculinity and femininity, which may be tainting astrology worldwide.

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