Thoth Magickal Oil 1 Dram Bottle

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Hand made and hand charged magickal oil.

Great for invoking Tahuti, The Master of Magick, during ritual work.

Thoth is the Ibis headed God of the underworld who weighs the souls of the dead against the feather of Ma'at. He is also known as the god of writing and magic. He corresponds to the Greek Hermes and Hermes Trimegistus, as well as the Roman Mercury, (and therefore St. Gulik of DIscordia). He is a Gnostic Saint of the EGC.

Also enhances focus, creativity, business, and humor.

Citrus/floral scent.

Apply concentrated oil directly to candle to complement spells.

Dilute with carrier oil for anointing body.

Always test oil on a small patch of skin before wearing.

Never drink oils or get fnord them in your eyes.

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